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Vehicle Accident with Entrapment, Penn and Hillside, Wyomissing

Sun, Feb 17th, 2019 7:15:00 pm - On Sunday night February 17, Wyo FD Engine 79 and WBEMS Medic 6512 were dispatched to Penn Ave at Hillside Rd in Wyomissing Borough for a vehicle crash with injuries. However additional information indicated that there was entrapment and fire. Accordingly, the assignment was upgraded to include TSFRS Rescue 85 and Shillington Rescue Engine 36. TSFRS Rescue Engine 85 also responded. E79 under Captain Holmes ...Continued

Vehicle Crash with Entrapment, Penn Ave., Sinking Spring Borough
Sat, Feb 16th, 2019 7:22:00 am - TSFRS Rescue 85 was dispatched to the intersection of Penn Avenue and Wynnewood Ave in Sinking Spring. on Saturday morning February 16 to assist the Western Berks FD with a vehicle accident reported to be with injuries and entrapment. Prior to R85's arrival, Western Berks FD Lt. 18-1 (Klahr) reported heavy entrapment in one vehicle, and assumed Command. Wyo FD Engine 79 was also special ...Continued


2nd Alarm, Lancaster Ave, Shillington

Thu, Feb 7th, 2019 5:55:00 pm - Early in the evening of February 7, Wyo FD Tower 79 and TSFRS Rescue 85 were dispatched on mutual aid to Shillington Co. 36 for a working structure fire with entrapment. TW79 under Capt. Yeager arrived and set up at the corner of the building. The crew placed ground ladders and then entered the structure to perform a primary search on the third floor. After ...Continued

Chimney Fire, Wingert Rd Wyomissing
Wed, Jan 30th, 2019 10:08:00 pm - Wyo FD Tower 79, TSFRS Engine 85, RFD Ladder 1, West Reading Engine 64, Kenhorst Engine 69, Shillington Engine 36, Temple Rescue 11 as RIT, and WBEMS M6512 were dispatched to Wingert Rd, in the Wyomissing Hills section of Wyomissing Borough for a structure fire on Wednesday night, January 30. Further information provided by Communications reported a possible chimney fire with the caller stating the ...Continued


Multi-vehicle Crash, Rte 222 Southbound at Penn Ave, Wyomissing Boro

Wed, Jan 30th, 2019 11:35:00 am - A vicious but short-lived snow squall enveloped US Rt 222 in Wyomissing early in the afternoon of Wednesday January 30 creating a white-out condition on a slippery highway with single digit windchills. During the height of the brief storm, Wyo FD Engine79 and TSFRS Rescue 85, along with Western Berks EMS Medics 6521, 6511 and 6512 were dispatched for a motor vehicle crash with unknown ...Continued

Lancaster Av, Cumru Twp, Third Alarm Fire
Sat, Jan 26th, 2019 6:36:00 am - TSFRS Rescue 85 and Engine 85, and Wyo FD Tower 79 were dispatched to assist our neighbors in Cumru Twp just before daybreak on Saturday January 26 for a reported structure fire in the 1600 block of Lancaster Ave. TW79 responded on the first alarm to fill in for a unit whose response was delayed, and R85 on the second, for truck company service and ...Continued


Vehicle Crash with Injuries, Grandview Blvd and Woodside Ave, Spring Twp

Thu, Jan 24th, 2019 2:16:00 pm - In the afternoon of Thursday January 24, TSFRS was dispatched to the intersection of Grandview Blvd and Woodside Ave. in the West Lawn section of Spring Twp for a vehicle accident with injuries. Rescue 85 under Capt Conner responded and discovered a two-car collision with all occupants out of the vehicles. R85s crew encountered one patient who requested EMS. Western Berks EMS Medic 6512 arrived ...Continued

Electrical Fire, Arrowhead Trail, Spring Twp.
Sat, Jan 19th, 2019 8:06:00 pm - A properly operating smoke detector alerted a family to a fire involving a pinball machine in the basement of their home on Arrowhead Trail in Spring Twp on Saturday evening January 19. The family called 911 and successfully evacuated. TSFRS and Wyo FD were alerted for Engine 85 and Tower 79 respectively. Joining in were TSFRS Utility, Rescue Engine and Air 85, Shillington Engine 36, ...Continued


Vehicle Fire, 222 NB Cumru Twp

Fri, Jan 18th, 2019 10:49:00 am - On Friday morning January 18, TSFRS was dispatched on mutual aid to Cumru Twp for a reported vehicle fire on Route 222 north bound near the Cumru and Spring Township lines. Also dispatched was Cumru FD Engine 42-1 and both Cumru and Spring Fire Police. As the units were responding, additional information from Communications reported a passenger vehicle with fire in the engine compartment and ...Continued

Vehicle Accident with Wires Down, West Reading
Wed, Jan 9th, 2019 3:00:00 pm - On Thursday January 9, TSFRS Rescue 85 was dispatched to the 500 Block of Reading Avenue to assist West Reading Company 64 on a vehicle crash involving a box truck which was leaning against a structure and caught up in overhead wires. While there were fortunately no injuries, R85 was special called to assist in stabilizing the vehicle. RE85 under Capt. Bingaman responded and arrived ...Continued


Smoke Condition, Peters Way, Wyomissing

Sun, Jan 6th, 2019 10:09:00 pm - Wyo FD Tower 79 and TSFRS Engine 85 were dispatched to the 500 block of Peters Way in Wyomissing Borough on Sunday evening January 6 for a possible structure fire with smoke in the apartment. Also summoned were West Reading Engine 64, Kenhorst Engine 69, Reading FD Ladder 1 and Engine 3, Temple Rescue 11, and Western Berks EMS Medic 6521. TW79 under Captain Holmes ...Continued

Vehicle Crash with Entrapment, Madison St, Cumru Twp.
Fri, Jan 4th, 2019 1:33:00 pm - Just after midnight on Saturday December 22, TSFRS Rescue 85 was dispatched to assist the Cumru Twp FD with a vehicle crash with entrapment on Madison Ave in Cumru. R85 under Captain Bingaman responded and arrived on location just after Cumru Deputy 42-2. Members found a vehicle down a steep hill, laying on its side in the yard of a residence. Personnel from R85 stabilized ...Continued


Oil Burner Malfunction, Woodside Ave, Spring Twp

Mon, Dec 31st, 2018 10:25:00 am - After just clearing a vehicle accident with fire in Wyomissing in the evening of December 18, TSFRS Engine 85 and Wyo FD Engine 79, along with Shillington Engine 36, Mohnton Engine 57, West Reading Engine 64, Reading FD Ladder 1, Western Berks FD Ladder 18 and Western Berks EMS Medic 6521 were dispatched to Woodside Avenue in the West Lawn section of Spring Twp for ...Continued

Vehicle Crash with Fire, Rte. 222 SB, Wyomissing
Sun, Dec 30th, 2018 3:29:00 pm - Early in the evening of December 18, Wyo FD, TSFRS and Western Berks EMS were dispatched to Rte 222 Southbound near the Penn Avenue exit for vehicle crash, reported to be with entrapment and fire. One car was reported to be overturned and another on fire. Engine 79 under Captain Yeager responded and reported two vehicles over the embankment with one burning. Capt 79 transferred ...Continued


Smoke Condition, N Park Rd, Wyomissing Borough

Thu, Dec 27th, 2018 1:52:00 pm - Wyo FD and TSFRS along with our mutual aid partners from Kenhorst (Engine 69) and West Reading (Ladder 64) were alerted for a commercial fire alarm at a business on N. Park Road in Wyomissing Borough on Wednesday morning December 19. Additional information from Communications was that this was for a smoke detector at the top of a pipe chase. Engine 79 under Capt. Holmes ...Continued

Vehicle Fire, Wellington Blvd, Wyomissing
Thu, Dec 27th, 2018 12:20:00 pm - Late in the afternoon of Saturday December 8, Wyo FD and TSFRS were dispatched to the intersection of Wellington Blvd and Cheltenham Drive in the Wyomissing Hills section of the Boro for a vehicle fire. Rescue Engine 85 under Captain Neubert responded while en-route to pick a member who had driven a medic unit from a previous QRS call. Engine 79 under Acting Capt Canto ...Continued


Garage Fire, State Hill Rd, Spring Twp

Mon, Dec 17th, 2018 2:07:00 pm - On Friday evening December 7, a fire was reported in a garage across from the Giant on State Hill Rd in Spring Twp.  TSFRS Engine 85 and Rescue Engine 85, along with Wyo FD Tower 79, Western Berks FD Ladder 18 and Engine 18-2, West Reading Engine 64, Kenhorst Engine 69, Denver Rescue 11 and Western Berks EMS responded.  Lt 85 (Ahrens) arrived on location ...Continued

Meat Market FIre, Penn Ave. Wyomissing
Wed, Dec 12th, 2018 4:05:00 pm - A report of a fire in a commercial meat market on Penn Avenue in Wyomissing on Friday afternoon, December 7, resulted in the dispatch of a structure fire assignment by Berks County Communications.  Wyo FD Tower 79 and TSFRS Engine 85 were sent along with Kenhorst Engine 69, Shillington Engine 36, Mohnton Engine 57, West Reading Ladder 64, Temple Rescue 11, and Western Berks EMS ...Continued


Laundromat Fire, Berkshire Blvd, Wyomissing

Mon, Dec 10th, 2018 10:51:00 pm - Wyo FD Tower 79, TSFRS Engine 85, and the remainder of our mutual aid partners including West Reading Engine 64, Greenfields Engine 55, Kenhorst Engine 69, Reading Fire Ladder 1, and Western Berks EMS were sent to a reported fire in a commercial laundromat on Tuesday evening December 4. The fire was located in the Berkshire Square Shopping Center at Berkshire Blvd and State Hill ...Continued

TSFRS Salutes the Bulldogs
Mon, Dec 10th, 2018 10:56:00 am - When our local Wilson High School soccer team won the PIAA State Soccer Championship, TSFRS joined with Western Berks FD in forming a red light and siren welcome home for the team bus when it arrived. Congrats to the Bulldogs and their families and fans! ...Continued